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Housedady Slicer

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Many great dishes take too long to make at home because of the chopping and cutting involved. We're not all expert chefs, and for many of us, the task of slicing vegetables takes too much precious time.

 This amazing housedady slicer will save you a lot of time in the kitchen.  You simply cut vegetables into chunks, place them on top of the cutting tool, then firmly bring down the pressure plate to slice!

Speed Up 5 Types of Food Prep. This is a multifunctional gadget that comes with interchangeable cutting tools. You get seven-blade attachments for five tasks: dicing (medium or fine), julienning (chunky or skinny), thin slicing, ridged cutting, and grating. Easily make fancy ridged potato chips!

Great for Slicing Fruits and Vegetables. The blades on this slicer are sharp! They are high carbon stainless steel blades. They will slice clean through carrots, cucumbers, radishes, eggplants and more very quickly! Enjoy speedy Julienne potatoes! Swiftly make diced carrots! Experience no-tears onion mincing

Simple Maintenance. The housedady slicer is fairly easy to clean after use. We have provided a cleaning claw for removing food debris from the blades and pressure plate. Then you can quickly dismantle the housedady slicer and wash the components. 

Feel Free to Experiment in the Kitchen! Once you find food preparation a breeze, you will enjoy trying out new recipes! You'll love the versatility of creating the many different kinds of dishes that are now possible using the housedady slicer's many cutting tools

Make the task of cutting and chopping vegetables so much easier! Order the 12-in-1 Kitchen Housedady Slicer right now!


Item weight: 830 gm    

 limensions: 31 x 15 x 12 cm; 830 Grams

Package Inclusion/s: it's has 12 item in this product

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